The Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice (ILRAJ)

ILRAJ seeks to defend the rule of law, improve the human rights situation to ensure that the human rights of all persons in Sierra Leone.

Who We Are

The Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice (ILRAJ) is an independent non-partisan public policy research and educational think tank established to explain, monitor and contribute to the protection of human rights and the rule of law; preserve, study, and enhance accountability and access to justice; increase awareness and understanding of and promote, women’s and children’s rights, youth justice and respect for human rights; promote capacity Building amongst women, the youth, disadvantaged communities and groups.

Fosters innovative academic research and scholarship; undertake research for policy purposes and law reform sensitization, litigation and advocacy to enforce the rights of individuals communities and disadvantaged groups; offer expertise to train human rights leaders and provide legal advice and expertise to support governments, quasi government bodies, civil society organizations and other institutions.

ILRAJ seeks to defend the rule of law, improve the human rights situation to ensure that the human rights of all persons in Sierra Leone is respected in line with the country's international obligations and to promote youth justice accountability and access to justice.

Why Choose Us


To act as researchers in national, transnational and international law.To support and conduct research, survey, statistics, and experiments on issues of legal and social importance and matters of national and international interest.


To act as consultants and advise governments, national, international NGO’s companies, civil society and any other organization or individual on law, policy, security and matters of justice

Law Reform

To promote and support law reform and law revision in particular relating to the fundamental human rights of especially the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized members of society

Awareness & Education

To own and engage in the publishing and printing of books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, circulars and other literally undertakings aimed at creating awareness;

Our Mission

ILRAJ aims to understand, explore, evaluate, shape policy, advance practice and strengthen the rule of law and accountability in order to make the promotion of and respect for human rights a part of our culture.

The ILRAJ aims to address inequalities and protect, promote and entrench human rights, its values and freedoms through the provision of training, education, dissemination of information, litigation, pro bono legal counsel, research, internship, activism and advocacy. It also seeks to empower women, youths and the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized by emphasizing on participation, non-discrimination, empowerment and respect for human rights.

ILRAJ believes in the universality and inalienability of human rights, the indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness of these rights, and the basic premise of equality over discrimination.

Our Values

Integrity & Professionalism

We always maintain a consistent and unwavering adherence to high ethical standards and values while maintaining integrity. We understand what it means to be honest and trustworthy. It also entails being truthful and honest with a client, as well as being realistic about expectations and outcomes. In all cases, integrity means never jeopardizing the client's interests. Clients are relieved to know that we are always looking out for their best interests.


Our primary value is to maintain the confidentiality of any information pertaining to our clients, their work, or any related information that comes to our attention, whether through the client or any other means.

Inclusiveness & Respect

We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.


We are problem solvers who think outside the box. We are constantly debating which problems need to be solved and brainstorming solutions. We're inventive. We enjoy new ideas and inventions, but we are equally content to follow a well-worn path. Ingenuity is about using your creativity and insight to find the best solution, not the most original one.

Collaboration & Commitment

We believe that working together will allow us to accomplish more than working alone. We collaborate more effectively and efficiently. A single vision can be powerful, but when we share our knowledge, efforts, and work openly, we receive more than we give. We seek out diverse viewpoints and backgrounds, avoid silos, and strive to give and receive insights with gratitude and an open mind.

Open Communication

We are straightforward, honest, and respectful. We deal with problems as they arise, communicating with our values in mind. We provide on-time, transparent billing with no surprises.

Trust and Empowerment

We motivate and inspire those around us. We prefer to be mentally engaged and invested rather than distant or just present. We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and we help each other whenever possible. We freely share knowledge and encourage one another to reach our full potential.

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