About Ilraj

Who We Are

The Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice (ILRAJ) is an independent, non-partisan public policy research and educational think tank established to explain, monitor and contribute to the protection of human rights and the rule of law; preserve, study, and enhance accountability and access to justice; increase awareness and understanding of and promote, women’s and children’s rights, youth justice and respect for human rights; promote capacity Building amongst women, the youth, disadvantaged communities and groups.

Fosters innovative academic research and scholarship; undertake research for policy purposes and law reform sensitization, litigation and advocacy to enforce the rights of individuals communities and disadvantaged groups; offer expertise to train human rights leaders and provide legal advice and expertise to support governments, quasi government bodies, civil society organizations and other institutions.

ILRAJ seeks to defend the rule of law, improve the human rights situation to ensure that the human rights of all persons in Sierra Leone is respected in line with the country's international obligations and to promote youth justice accountability and access to justice.